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For biblical perspective on our world, apologetics, and discussion on moral, theological, and political issues, I highly recommend Dr. Albert Mohler's blog.


What is Gospel-centered preaching? Is Jesus really the focus of every text? Read my blog post, "Is Christ in Every Text?" to see my answer to this question. Here, you will find this question answered by some well-known, modern Christian theologians.

The wrath of God isn't always a popular topic. Yet we must understand God's wrath if we are to understand God. If you have ever wondered how the wrath of God and the love of God work together, here is a helpful article by D.A. Carson, NT Professor at Trinity Evangelical School in Chicago.

When it comes to churches, one size doesn’t fit all. In ministry I have often noticed that people in the church are frustrated because they have certain expectations that are not being met. In this article Tim Keller explores how size dynamics impact leadership in the local church.

A warning is a means of grace because the intent of the warning is for the good of the warned. We see warnings used as a means of grace throughout the Bible, but how do we make sense of them? Dr. Tom Schreiner, NT professor at SBTS and one of my former Greek professors, has written an excellent article on the warnings in Scripture and their intended purpose.

A few years ago our leadership team decided to switch from the New International Version (NIV) translation to the ESV translation. What is so special about the ESV that we made the switch? Kevin DeYoung unpacks this question in his article "Why Our Church Switched to the ESV", which I hope gives you a better grasp on the ESV translation.


Can a Christian practice yoga? Here is a very helpful podcast from Dr. Al Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in which he traces the history and practices of yoga. I hope you will find it helpful in forming a biblical perspective on the practice of yoga.


This video will help to equip you with a biblical worldview as you engage in conversations about gay marriage taking place in our culture.

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